Poquitos – Capitol Hill

Between 10th and 11th on Pike is a very chic Mexican joint, Poquitos. Upon entering I discovered fully 2/3 of the entire restaurant is dedicated to two bar/lounge areas. From the hostess area, on the right is the main restaurant seating area, middle is a large wrap around bar, finally to the right is the very generous patio area. The decor is clean and modern with a Casa de Grande feel to it all. My wife and I sat in the patio area for lunch.

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Out in the patio is yet another bar, smaller than the one inside. There are communal tables in the middle of the room with booths surrounding. The booths are very cool, looks like the bench style seats are cast concrete. While the table is finished wood. All the tables are dressed when you sit down, knife and fork wrapped in a plain cotton towel. Water glasses are on the table as well.

004.jpgWord to the wise, take a look at the menu before you go in. We did and the prices are high. However, we were game to see if the place lives up to the prices they are asking. Nothing is provided gratis except for the water and hot sauce. We’ve become accustomed to free chips and salsa are your average Mexican joint, not here. The chips and salsa are about $3, however this gets you a very large bowel of chips and plenty of salsa for four. While noming on the chips, we cruised the menu and found what we wanted.

007.jpgI spotted their Margaritas first. Their two house ‘ritas are made with fresh mixers and middle of the road tequila. Fantastic Margaritas! fresh lime, proper mix and stiff. Also, for the quality of the ingredients, not a bad price. It wasn’t a liquid lunch, on to the food.

My wife settled on the shredded “steak” tacos. I went for the tacos Al Pastor. We both ordered a side of rice and beans, another $2 a piece, remember no free lunches (or items) at this joint.

006.jpgEverything came out and looked amazing. Heaping piles of meat on corn tortillas, as it should be. Oh and these are real Mexican tacos, meat, onions, cilantro and salsa. My only quibble is calling the shredded beef “steak”. It is tasty tender beef and it’s shredded. Let’s call it was it is, picadillo. The al pastor had chunks of pineapple, nice touch. I get the impression that pineapple is a traditional thing to do. I see pineapple in the al pastor at local taquirias. We tucked into the food and there were noms, and happy stomachs.

The food is tasty, meat is tender and there’s enough of it. The one shining spot, in my opinion, is the house salsa picante on the table. It’s flavorful, hot, spicy and goes great their their tacos. We cleaned out plates in no time. Then the bill came.

Sure it’s an expensive lunch. However, the digs and staff made it worth while. With the high price, this will be a special occasion spot for me. I have my places were I can get my taco fix on the cheap. Also, I can make a killer Margarita at home. So, worth a try? Yes. A new hang out and oft visited place? No, I’ll go broke.

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