Feature Wish List for next Pentax DSLR

A wish list for Pentax

Five features I would like to see in the next high-end DSLR from Pentx:

Full frame sensor

  • P1130004.JPGYes, the old Pentax glass is compatible with the APS-C spensors but the cropping factor causes trouble. For instance you lose out on on viewing angle when using older 35mm wide angle lenses. Also, generally, a larger sensor performs better at a higher ISO. Less noise and better low light performance at higher ISO. Though, this may require a bigger body. Size, the lack of, is what Pentax is known for. Great cameras in a compact package. Though, I’ll take a bigger body for improved ISO performance and improved old lens performance.

Dual SD card slots

  • P1130002.JPGTwo 16 GB cards is still cheaper than one 32 GB. Also, a pseudo RAID 1 in camera would be great for the professionals. It’s safe to say SD cards are unreliable. Shots recorded to two cards is a great hedge against card failure.

Integrated GPS Tagging

  • GPS tagging ads your current latitude and longitude to the EXIF data in the photo. This is handy for reproducing a shot. You may want to reproduce the photo or someone else may wish to take the same photo. Tag the photo with GPS and your done!

Official Tethered Shooting Support

  • Tethered shooting is controlling the camera via an attached computer. Pentax took tethered shooting away after the K20d. It’s primarily a feature used in the studio. However, computing is becoming more ubiquitous. It’s not a remote possibility to use a tablet computer to control the camera on location. Using an iPad, Samsung TAB or an Archos 9 seems like a fun idea to me.

60 FPS 1080p Video

  • True HD recording seems like a great idea to me. How could anyone disagree?

Seattle Rally to Restore Sanity – Photolog

While the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear was held in Washington DC, Seattle held a satellite rally. The Seattle Rally to Restore Sanity was held at Westlake Center. Dave Ross and other local personalities put together an amazing rally on short notice. Also, Seattle took care of the rally participants very well. The police were amazingly helpful, SDOT folks helped organize traffic very nicely. Great job on the rally Seattle!

Photos of the Rally