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Suggestions for @CrumplerUS website

The FAQ states “Just mail your bag to a Crumpler HQ…” However, the only address listed on the site is not labeled “Crumpler HQ”. For clarity, it’s preferable clearly reference information in copy. For example, if Crumpler, 29 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, New York, 11211 is the correct address for “Crumpler HQ” it should be labeled as such. Another option is to place the address in the FAQ. Unfortunately, the FAQ blindly references the address.

@CrumplerUS I need help with my Sinking Barge

Hey guys, my Sinking Barge is falling apart. I sent an email a couple days ago and I haven’t heard back. How can I take you guys up on some warranty work?

The stitching on the right strap is coming apart. Also, one of the zippers has come off the main compartment.

The Crumpler “the industry disgrace” arrived


review will follow.

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