@Clear your marketing opt out page sucks, so I added you to the spam filter

Partner name? What is that supposed to mean? How about embedding the recipient email address in the opt-out links within your marketing emails? I get the impression you want to make opt-out difficult. It’s similar to your TOS. There’s no opt-out when you sign up for service. This is one of the reasons why a discontinued service.

Your opt-out page is why you are now on my “spammers” list.

Great Resouces – Seattle CTO and @communitynets

I received a Google alert tonight that linked to Community Broadband Networks. Muni Networks, as it’s also known as, is a great site put together by Christopher Mitchell. He’s cataloging the strides municipal networks are making to bring broadband to all. Awesome work Chris!

Muni Networks mentions the Seattle CTO, Bill Schrier. I’m pleased to see Seattle has a thoughtful person in the position.

From what I gather, municipal networks are started due to poor or no competition in the broadband market. This is troubling and encouraging at the same time. The downside is the State and Federal governments have not provided legal power to the cities and counties to regulate broadband. The good thing is, the city is creating competition.

What happens when you don’t have to try and you still get the money? You become lazy. That is what has happen to our broadband providers. The DSL and cable companies have only done enough to keep their monopolies. They have no reason to innovate and provide compelling products at the best price possible.

I hope Seattle deploys their own network. I know the under served in my neighborhood could use it. In the least, I hope Google deploys their test fiber project here.

Broadstripe – Missing the Mark

BizJournal has a press release for some new offerings from Broadstripe. They are offering “lite” packages for people who only need a little bit of calling or the internet… To me this looks like over charging for degraded service.

BizJournal Article

Broadstripe, you need to tier your service like Comcast. Provide an internet only option at a competitive price. I know you don’t have to do this, since you don’t directly compete with anyone… Nice having a monopoly eh?

Offer 12Mbps download and 2Mbps upload for ~$45 a month. Make sure your network can support those speeds. I understand cable internet is a shared medium and during high usage speed degrades… Just don’t over saturate your network and improve your backbone connections.

You guys are the only provider that “offers” high speed internet access in my neighborhood. However, with my 30 day experience, I never ever saw the advertised speeds.

Basically, come on… Step up to the plate. Don’t dink around with small market budget users.