Extra Life Hour 5

I can take only so much Dead Space, my nerves are shot. I’m going t to head downstairs and play a little Paper Mario Stick on my 3ds.


Screenshot - 11_2_2013 , 10_55_03 AM

Extra Life Hour 3 and 4

I played some Hawken. Then I made some breakfast… BACON! Ron Swanson would be proud. I made all of the bacon I had. The pic is just what was in the skillet, there was another 1.5Lbs in the oven.



Extra Life Hour 2

Logged into Guild Wars 2 and not much was happening. I think most everyone is just rolling out of bed to start their 25 hour runs.

In the interim, I fired up Kerbal Space Program. I’m going to make another attempt at the Mun. I keep crashing into it or entering orbit without enough fuel to land.

Kerbal Kerba2l

Extra Life – Hour 1

I started Extra Life off today with updating Guild Wars 2 and a quick skirmish in Supreme Commander 2.

I brought swift defeat to the computer in 17 minutes. I routed the opponents defenses and cleaned up the stragglers.

Supreme Commander



Extra Life…

is a 25 hour gaming marathon to raise money for the Children’s Hospital Network. Friends and family have sponsored me to play games for the next 25 hours!

The end of summer in the CD

Walking through the CD

I was on my way into the office, walking in, and found these berries. I’m trying to determine what they are. What ever they are, they had fantastic color.

My Review of Copilot Luggage Roller

Originally submitted at Timbuk2

An ultra-lightweight luggage roller with serious carryin' capacity.

Very light and stable

By Stephen from Seattle, WA on 7/12/2013


5out of 5

Pros: High Quality, Effecient Design, Stylish, Lightweight, Lots of Pockets, Stable

Best Uses: Flying, Traveling

Describe Yourself: Career, Modern, Practical

Primary use: Business

Was this a gift?: No

This is the best roll around I have come across. I have to fly with it. This is my initial impression of the bag.

By biggest issue with roll arounds is how stable they are on their wheels. I find many other bags teeter on their wheels if they are bumped or kicked while walking. The copilot does not have this issue. The scateboard wheels are placed as far to the outside of the bag as practical. I can job with the bag pulled behind me without issue.

The inside compartment is laid out very well. The usual pockets are avaialble. Nice heavy duty nylon covers to protect clothes from shoes. There are plenty of smaller pockets for watches, tooth brushes and the like.

The overall build quaility is awesome. The pull handle is nice and solid. I feel like I could swing the bag over my head to defend myself from a zombie horde.

This thing is light. This could come in handy for some people. Especially for the airlines that have an extra weight fee for bags. The copilot is about 5lbs lighter than my equivilant bag that it is replacing.