Porting to Google Voice from T-Mobile @Home

Or how T-Mobile was happy to help me leave an unsupported product

home-logo-iconAbout 5 years ago T-Mobile launched a Voice Over IP (VoIP) product that could be bundled with your mobile service. They called this T-Mobile @Home. For $10 a month you would have a land line at home with conventional phones.

Two years after launching the product, T-Mobile discontinued selling it.  They did not stop supporting it though. Customers with @Home could continue to use the service.

Fast forward to today, T-Mobile seems to have completely stopped supporting the product without notice to the few users still on it. This left me with a service I was paying for that did not work.

What can be done?

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Busy night at Ted Stevens international airport

Hanging out waiting for a ride.


Wild card work around for GPG scripting in Windows

mac-gpg-logo[1]GPG is a fantastic encryption tool. It’s cross-platform, robust and highly scriptable. Though, under Microsoft Windows, there is one big flaw. The gpg tool does not support wild cards for input files. But there is a solution! Read more

That day, the saucers landed


Flat Top at Chugach State Park, Anchorage, AK – Photo

Chugach State Park


Guild wars 2 case

The Antec 183 case arrived on Friday. Overall, the build quality is nice. The big disappointment is the quality of the Guild Wars 2 graphic. The graphic is a large sticker, which is fine. However, the fitment is poor. Poor cutting left left marks visible and the NC Soft logo cut off. The printing looks like someone rendered the original vector file into a raster, possibly JPG prior to sending it o the printer. There are obvious artifacts in the details of the printing. Was it worth paying MSRP for the case, sort of. Would I do it again? no.

poor fitment

Antec fails to ship case, Guild Wars 2 P183 V3

On 8/14/12 I placed an order with Antec’s online store for a P183 V3 model case and a Guild Wars 2 side panel. I would like to use the case to build a new gaming PC for my wife. However, Antec has yet to ship it.

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Seafair 2012 Friday Boeing Air Show, P3 Orion and T-38 flyby

IMGP5575.jpg IMGP5564.jpg IMGP5557.jpg IMGP5545.jpg IMGP5534.jpg

Douglas Truth Library – Central District

This is the front door of the Douglas Truth Library. The library sits at the corner of 23rd and Yesler in Seattle.

About the Douglas Truth Library


Showdown time


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