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Wild card work around for GPG scripting in Windows

mac-gpg-logo[1]GPG is a fantastic encryption tool. It’s cross-platform, robust and highly scriptable. Though, under Microsoft Windows, there is one big flaw. The gpg tool does not support wild cards for input files. But there is a solution! Read more

Showdown time


Found some backups from 20 years ago


Smoke still lingers


There morning started like any other, with a ducky in my mug


New signs in the CD

Some new signs have been put up in the last week on the edge of the CD.

Dry Hopped Red is in secondary

Dry hopped red bubbling in primary


Dry hopped red waiting for the first boil

Loren ipsumimage

Good morning foggy Seattle


The are definitely lawyers. Reading law books and they get off at the court house.

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