Guild wars 2 case

The Antec 183 case arrived on Friday. Overall, the build quality is nice. The big disappointment is the quality of the Guild Wars 2 graphic. The graphic is a large sticker, which is fine. However, the fitment is poor. Poor cutting left left marks visible and the NC Soft logo cut off. The printing looks like someone rendered the original vector file into a raster, possibly JPG prior to sending it o the printer. There are obvious artifacts in the details of the printing. Was it worth paying MSRP for the case, sort of. Would I do it again? no.

poor fitment

Seattle Auto Show

Stopped into the Seattle Auto Show today. Some great models on the floor. A great deal of space was dedicated to more practical cars. I imagine this is due to the economy and rise in gas prices. The build quality and feature sets on compact cars is improving greatly with each model year.

Ford showcased their all electric focus at the show. Unfortunately, the car was not accessible to the general crowd. Though, it looks like any other Focus. Instead of a gas cap, there’s plug-in port located on the drivers front quarter panel.

Scion rolled out their Iq, which is a Toyota Nano. This little thing gives Smart a real run for their money. The 1.3l engine puts out 96hp @ 6,000 RPM compared to Smart’s TwoFour at 70hp @ 5,500 RPM. With the Iq, I feel like I am in a car, rather than a go-kart. It’s body styling is pretty nice too.

Seems like this auto show should be free. I felt like I paid $11 dollars to see a couple advertisements from car makers. It was interesting to see but I’ll stick to car and driver and visiting dealerships when a model strikes my interest.

Pentax Online Support Chat Rocks

There I was, scrounging for my Pentax K-7 manual. It was no where to be found. Luckly, Pentax publishes all of their manuals online. However, today the support site was experiencing an issue with the manuals. I could not download the one I needed.

A top the page they have a link for live chat support. Honestly, Dell and HP online chat support reps have poor reputation in my book. It often takes much longer to resolve simple issues via chat rather than calling.

However, in the case of Pentax, the support was quick, efficient and best of all in clear English. The rep I interacted with did not respond using a prescribed script. He honestly read my question and responded concisely and effectively. The full chat is copied below.



Edit: Link provided by Pentax support for the Pentax k-7 Manual:

Please wait while we find an agent to assist you...
You have been connected to Edward.
Edward: Thank you for contacting Pentax Chat Support. I'm Edward,
and how may I help you?
Stephen Wilson: I'm attempting to download the english manual for
the K-7 however, it's not working. I've tried two different browsers
and checked other sites to ensure Acrobat is installed correctly.
Everything seems to be fine with my system. Is the site having
Stephen Wilson: If the site is having issues, is it possible to get
the manual a different way?
Edward: It may be at the moment. Let me get you a different
link to try.
Stephen Wilson: ok, thank you
Edward: Try this one.
Stephen Wilson: That worked perfectly, thank you!
Edward: You're quite welcome!
Edward: Will there be anything else?
Stephen Wilson: That was it
Edward: Thank you for contacting Pentax, If you are in need of
further assistance, call our technical support center at 800-877-0155.
Edward G.
Pentax Imaging Technical Support
Thank you for using InstantService. You may now close this window.
Your session has ended. You may now close this window.

Running CyanogenMod 6.1 RC1 – FM Radio!

Loaded CyanogenMod 6.1 RC1 tonight. It’s a great update. I have not found any issues yet but I imagine there will be some. There are two main highlights I see. One, the FM tuner. This is huge for the Nexus one. Thank you to everyone on the CyanogenMod team, Team Douche rocks. Two, there seems to be some performance increases. The Nexus One is still the best Android Phone available.


Product Review: Aerial7 Chopper2 Headphones

Manufacturer: Aerial7
Model: Chopper2
Trim: Pharaoh
Street Price: $60 USD

There are many options out there for headphones. You could go audiophile and pickup over the ear Sennheiser with 64 ohm + impedance. However, I have yet to see high-end headphones with a built in mic. Also, you could pickup some cheap Skullcandy ear buds and be sorely disappointed. The Aerial7 are the middle of the road, somewhere between the Sennheiser studio models and Skullcandy Hot Topic junk.

Build Quality

In general the build quality is good. There are a some issues, couple with design and one with workmanship.

The adjustment of the headphones isn’t great. There’s enough flexibility in the design to allow the ear cups to swivel but not as much as Sony studio style headphones. This is not a problem for my head, however, I can see it being an issue for some. Another issue with adjustment is the tension on the rails. There’s just enough to keep them from sliding. I foresee this wearing out.

Moving from the headphones to the cable we find my second issue. The cable is good quality. However, it could be longer and sturdier. The cable is long enough to reach my pants pockets with enough slack for walking. Unfortunately, if I turn my torso the cable becomes taut. Just 4 more inches would resolve this.

As for workmanship, my set has one issue. The first being a bunching of the cloth covering the right headphone. It’s a nit pick issue. By no means would I return the headphones for this.


I have big ears. No other way to put it. I will take flight in a strong wind.

That being said the headphones fit perfectly over my ears. It’s safe to assume they will fit over most ears.

The padding is wonderfully plush. The pads distribute the tension around my ears perfectly. I’ve worn the headphones for a two hour strength so far with no issues. Aerial7 made a great design choice on the padding.


The headphones do come in some very unique styles. The Pharaoh are very nice on the eyes. They are not over the top nor are they bland black headphones. I wear these primarily around Capital Hill here in Seattle. The headphones fit right in. That being said, if you live an more conservative area, I recommend the plain black headphones. You will get odd looks with some of the other styles.

Audio Quality

Warning: I am not an audiophile.

The headphones provide great quality for their price point. Bass is deep without distortion. Highs, such as the crash of cymbal, are fantastic though not perfectly reproduced. That’s fine in my book because I primarily listen to MP3s. The headphones do a great job with music encoded in lossy format. I really can’t hear difference in quality when listening to a lossless format. I think that is a function of my own listening skills.


If you like the styling and the format of the headphones, I say go for it. The Chopper2 heaphones are good for their price point and feature set.