I love this camera

Untitled by swilson3971
Untitled, a photo by swilson3971 on Flickr.

I traded up from a Nikon P7000 to the FujiFilm X10. I imagine this must be what it’s like to go from a drug store disposable point and shoot to a Leica. It’s such a pleasure to use and achieve the final product I envision when I release the shutter.


Partially demolished building at Spring and 8th Ave

Seattle Auto Show

Stopped into the Seattle Auto Show today. Some great models on the floor. A great deal of space was dedicated to more practical cars. I imagine this is due to the economy and rise in gas prices. The build quality and feature sets on compact cars is improving greatly with each model year.

Ford showcased their all electric focus at the show. Unfortunately, the car was not accessible to the general crowd. Though, it looks like any other Focus. Instead of a gas cap, there’s plug-in port located on the drivers front quarter panel.

Scion rolled out their Iq, which is a Toyota Nano. This little thing gives Smart a real run for their money. The 1.3l engine puts out 96hp @ 6,000 RPM compared to Smart’s TwoFour at 70hp @ 5,500 RPM. With the Iq, I feel like I am in a car, rather than a go-kart. It’s body styling is pretty nice too.

Seems like this auto show should be free. I felt like I paid $11 dollars to see a couple advertisements from car makers. It was interesting to see but I’ll stick to car and driver and visiting dealerships when a model strikes my interest.

Resident ladybug

Ever since the weather turned colder, we’ve had a ladybug living in our office. It stopped by to check out what I was up to. I happen to be cleaning my macro lens for the Sigma DP2. Actually, the ladybug held its pose long enough for me to find my mini tripod.