Antec fails to ship case, Guild Wars 2 P183 V3

On 8/14/12 I placed an order with Antec’s online store for a P183 V3 model case and a Guild Wars 2 side panel. I would like to use the case to build a new gaming PC for my wife. However, Antec has yet to ship it.

Antec’s online store has other issues. Their credit card authorization system seems to be broken. I cannot really identify the reason but the site reports the card is declined. Though, I talked to my bank and they report that no authorizations were attempted. So this seems to be on Antec’s side. Fortunately, Antec supports Paypal. I was able to complete the purchase using PayPal. The payment settled as of 8/15; meaning Antec has collected funds.

Antec’s web store problems are not confined to payment issues. The certificate for the online store has recently expired. Antec has yet to do anything about this either.

I’ve attempted to contact Antec to get a status update. The email address provided to Paypal is no longer valid, maybe the person has since left Antec. Their general store email account seems to be a black hole, I have not received an email from them. The general email address on the main Antec site did get me a reply. However, it said basically to contact support. Though a good response would have been, “I’m forwarding this over to our support guys.”, nope I need to do their jobs…

One interesting note to this issue so far is I have received a response from Antec’s twitter account. The account operator informed me that things ship within one day from when the payment clears, so in my case 8/16. However, I have not seen a tracking number nor an actual case.

My ultimate goal is to have the case in hand prior to the Guild Wars 2 launch. This is a gift for my wife. I have all the parts for the PC, I just need the case.Initial Email to Antec

Aug 13 (5 days ago)

to VIP
Good afternoon,

I tried to purchase a P183 V3 case with a Guild Wars 2 side panel.
However, the site will not accept my credit card. What's more, is
the site will not forward to PayPal to complete the transaction.
Lastly, the certificate has expired for the Antec Online store.
I would like to buy the case but these three issues are making it
difficult. Is there another retailer I may purchase the case and
panel from?

Thank you,

Aug 14 (4 days ago)

to me
Hi Wilson,

Thanks for contacting Antec Inc. Please call our toll free number
800-222-6832 if you plan to order, our Tech Support Team will be on
the phone from 9am-4:30pm Monday to Friday Pacific Time. Please
tell the technician that you’re purchasing the graphic case P183.


Tech Support

Fax (510) 770-1288| E-mail

Email to

Aug 16 (2 days ago)

to store
Good morning,

Is there an estimated day when my order (XXXXX47) will ship?

Thank you,

I have yet to receive a response to this email.

Email to the Registered PayPal Email Address

Aug 16 (2 days ago)

to hdewitt
Good afternoon,

Is there an estimated day when my order (XXXXXX47) will ship?

Thank you,

Mail Delivery Subsystem
Aug 16 (2 days ago)

to me
Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient
domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further
information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server
returned was: 550 550 5.1.1 : Recipient address rejected:
User unknown in relay recipient table (state 13).

Twitter Reply

@stephencwilson Stephen, it’s about a day which is the time it usually takes for the credit card to be processed. Thanks for the question!

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