Feature Wish List for next Pentax DSLR

A wish list for Pentax

Five features I would like to see in the next high-end DSLR from Pentx:

Full frame sensor

  • P1130004.JPGYes, the old Pentax glass is compatible with the APS-C spensors but the cropping factor causes trouble. For instance you lose out on on viewing angle when using older 35mm wide angle lenses. Also, generally, a larger sensor performs better at a higher ISO. Less noise and better low light performance at higher ISO. Though, this may require a bigger body. Size, the lack of, is what Pentax is known for. Great cameras in a compact package. Though, I’ll take a bigger body for improved ISO performance and improved old lens performance.

Dual SD card slots

  • P1130002.JPGTwo 16 GB cards is still cheaper than one 32 GB. Also, a pseudo RAID 1 in camera would be great for the professionals. It’s safe to say SD cards are unreliable. Shots recorded to two cards is a great hedge against card failure.

Integrated GPS Tagging

  • GPS tagging ads your current latitude and longitude to the EXIF data in the photo. This is handy for reproducing a shot. You may want to reproduce the photo or someone else may wish to take the same photo. Tag the photo with GPS and your done!

Official Tethered Shooting Support

  • Tethered shooting is controlling the camera via an attached computer. Pentax took tethered shooting away after the K20d. It’s primarily a feature used in the studio. However, computing is becoming more ubiquitous. It’s not a remote possibility to use a tablet computer to control the camera on location. Using an iPad, Samsung TAB or an Archos 9 seems like a fun idea to me.

60 FPS 1080p Video

  • True HD recording seems like a great idea to me. How could anyone disagree?

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