Dear @Amazon, please make returning mis-shipped packages easier to return


By Silus Grok
Recently a package was delivered to my house from your company. Unfortunately, we did not order anything from you. My wife proceeded to do the right thing. She contacted customer service and informed them of the error. Customer service said UPS would stop by and pickup the package. Two days passed and UPS did not come to pickup the package.

by Tomas Fano
I decided to bring the package to work. Our regular UPS driver is very responsive and reliable.

I contacted customer service to get a return label for the package and setup a pickup. It took 15 minutes to explain the simple concept that I did not order the items in the box and that the package needed to be returned. Your rep would ask me for the order number or the name of the account that ordered the package. How could I discern this information unless I opened the package? A couple of times the rep would repeat that the item was a gift for me. The package was not addressed to me, how could this be the case? Finally, I was able to convince the rep that package needed to be returned. The rep generated a return label and emailed it to me. Half the issue was taken care of.

The other half, the rep expected me to walk the package to a UPS shipping counter. I do not think so, this is someone else error. After several more minutes, I was able to convince the rep to schedule a pickup at my office. Finally, task complete.

It took 25 minutes to do the right thing. This should have been solved in two days prior and in as little of 5 minutes of effort.

Amazon, please improve the process for returning mis-shipped packages. This should be quick and easy.

Thank you for taking a look at this post.

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