Space! Five of my favorite sites, in no particular order


I’ve been goring through my bookmarks. I’ve determined I have quite a few relating to space. I wanted to share five of my favorite sites about space.


Remember Carl Sagan’s spaceship on “Cosmos“? Celestia turns your computer into that ship! Explore everything from our Moon to Alpha Cetari. On its own celestia is very robust. However, you can take it to 11 by adding more content to it. Celestia has an amazing community of developers. With their add-ons you may explore other planets in greater detail or even explore a fictional universe, such as Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey“. Chart your course and engage with Celestia!


Trotting around the universe in Celestia has made you home sick? Well then, give Stellarium a try. Stellarium plants you firmly on Terra and sets your sights on the night sky. Pick any point in history and see what our ancestors saw. Or, head into the distant future and discover how planets maybe aligned 3,000 years from now. How about simply looking forward to the next night to see where you will find Mars in the evening sky. Stellarium will turn your computer into a planetarium for free.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Nerds with robots in space! The greatest minds in robotic space exploration work at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. At the JPL’s site you’ll find beautiful imagery of our nearby planets and moons. JPL is dedicated to education as well. They have an extensive section devoted to the little ones and not so little people.


The nerds at JPL work for NASA. So imagine an organization with access to robots and big rockets. Toss in a healthy dose science and you have NASA. The people at NASA are concerned with everything from the depths of the ocean to the reaches of the known universe. Like JPL, they have great resources for kids and students. Also, it a great site to learn more about current programs.


NASA’s European counterpart is the European Space Agency. ESA is home to the greatest European scientists. The ESA is one of the greatest contributors to the worlds knowledge of the cosmos. ESA’s main site is a clearing house for all of their current, past and future programs.

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