Web Listing Inc. Complete Crap

I received a letter today from Web Listing Inc. of Niagara Falls, NY. They promise to submit one of my domains to the top 20 search engines. I think it’s great someone is trying to sell SEO tools. However, this is complete crap. First, the letter looks like an invoice. Granted, it does say “this is not a bill” in an obscure location. However, any company with a loose AP policy would easily pay this as a real invoice. Two, all they will do is submit my domain to search engines. This is something I can do for free in less that 20 minutes. Real SEO takes time, knowledge and skill.

Please do yourself a favour, do not send this company money. I’ll go one step further, send me a 1.5l bottle of good beer and I will do it for you.

PS: I bet they scrounged WHOIS for the info, which is a violation of something… I think…

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